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Filter date(format):

  • format: The date format

Parsing #

Value must have number/words representing date and/or time. Use commas and spaces as delimiters. The stated day of the week is ignored whether its correct or not. A string containing an invalid date is an error. For example, a string containing two years or two months is an error. Time must be supplied if date is not given, vice versa.

Time Format. Hours, minutes, and seconds are separated by colons, although all need not be specified. “10:11”, and “10:11:12” are all valid. If the 24-hour clock is used, it is an error to specify “PM” for times later than 12 noon. For example, “23:15 PM” is an error.

Time Zone Format. First character is a sign “+” (to the east) or “-“ (to the west). Hours and minutes in the UTC offset can be separated by a colon. Another format is [sign][number]. If [number] is less than 24, it is the offset in hours e.g. “-10” = -10 hours.

Supported Format.

  • YYYY-MM-DD, MM/DD/YYYY, MMMM DD YYYY, DD MMMM YYYY — where YYYY is the year, MM is the month of the year, MMMM is the month full name or abbr, and DD is the day of the month.
  • DATE HH:MM:SS — Where DATE is the date format discuss above, HH is the hour, MM is the miute, SS is the seconds.

Add your date formats.

Parsable month value.

If a function needs a month value it must be a string or a number. If the month is a string, it must be the name of the month full or abbreviated. If the month is a number, that number must be 1-12 (January-December).

Add localization of months.

Formatting #

The format string follows the same rules as the strftime standard C function.

Spec Description Examples
%a Abbreviated weekday name Sun, Mon
%A Full weekday name Sunday
%d The day of the month as a number (range 1 - 31) 1, 28
%j The day of the year as a number (001 - 366) 052, 230
%u ISO 8601 day of the week, to 7 for Sunday 7, 1
%w The day of the week as a decimal, Sunday being 0 1
%U Sunday week of the year, from 00 48
%V ISO 8601 week of the year, from 01 48
%W Monday week of the year, from 00 48
%b Abbreviated month name Dec, Jan
%B Full month name December
%m Month of the year, from 01 to 12 05, 11
%C Two digit representation of the century 19, 20, 30
%g year for ISO 8601 week, from 00 79
%G year for ISO 8601 week, from 0000 1979
%y Two digit representation of the year 00, 25
%Y Four digit representation for the year 2000, 0325
%H hour of the 24-hour day, from 00 06
%I The hour as a number using a 12-hour clock (01 - 12) 02, 10
%M Minutes after the hour 55
%p AM/PM indicator AM, PM
%s Unix Epoch Time timestamp 305815200, 1234567890
%S The second as a number 59, 20, 01
%z Time zone offset as ‘big number’ +1000, -0230
%Z Time zone offset as ‘short number’ +3, +1:30
%% percent character %
%n A newline character (\n)  
%t A Tab character (\t)  


Spec Description Format Example
$c Preferred date %a %b %d %H:%m%s %Y Tue Jun 23 15:45:01 2020
$r 12-hour time, from 01:00:00 AM %I:%M:%S %p 06:55:15 AM
$R 12-hour:minute, from 01:00 %I:%M 06:55
$T 24-hour time, from 00:00:00 %H:%M:%S 06:55:15
$D month/day/year from 01/01/00 %m/%d/%y 12/02/79
$F year-month-day %Y-%m-%d 1979-12-02

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